Exploring the Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
In our article 5 Roles of Life Insurance You May Not Have Considered, we addressed the role that life insurance can play in an estate plan. This article explores a common vehicle which both excludes the proceeds of the insurance from your taxable estate and also ensures the proceeds are used... »
5 Roles of Life Insurance You May Not Have Considered
Life insurance can serve different purposes for different people. Sure, number one--providing for your loved ones--is pretty straightforward. But there are other roles life insurance plays and reasons why avoiding it can cause confusion and even lawsuits. Here are five benefits of life insurance: 1. To provide your loved ones with immediate liquidity... »
Can I Write My Own Will?
Many people write their own wills or purchase a last will and testament templates on the web, but if the documents are not properly executed and witnessed, they may not hold up in... »
As CPAs, estate planners, and individuals alike gain a better understanding of the implications of last year’s changes to tax law, new strategies are forming to take advantage of current laws to protect assets. Here a couple of lesser-known trusts that can help you protect your estate from unnecessary... »
5 New Year’s Resolutions from a Trust & Estates Guru
Marty Shenkman, an estate planning attorney and author of 42 books and 1,200 articles on the subject, recently published an article in Forbes with his New Year’s Resolutions. It just goes to show, all professionals suffer from the cobbler’s children proverb, and there is always something to be checked... »
The Hard Talk: End-of-Life Arrangements for a Loved One
A special thanks to our guest blogger, Beverly Nelson. With more people becoming caregivers for aging family every day, Beverly aims to provide as many resources as possible to help caregivers access the support they need.  ____________________________________________________________________________________ We often find in this life the most important things are sometimes the... »
Anthony Bourdain's Will - Is There Also a Trust?
Anthony Bourdain's will debunked initial guesstimates that he was worth $16 million--or did it? The assets named in his will put his estate, which he left primarily to his 11-year-old daughter Ariane, at $1.2 million. That breaks down to $425,000 in savings, $35,000 in brokerage money, $250,000 in personal property, and... »
3 Steps to Make Sure Your Bitcoin and Online Assets Don't Get Lost When You Die
When people die without an organized account of their assets, it leaves the family trying to piece together clues from paper trails. Now, as a larger and larger portion of our financial lives becomes managed online, assets could be lost in the cosmos if they're not documented and accounted for.  Let last... »
Cryonic Estate Planning: Will You Be Financially Prepared When They Wake You Up?
Cryonics-- having your body cryogenically frozen – seeks to keep either your head (neurocryopreservation) or full body suspended until medical technology advances to the extent that there is a method to revive you in the future. Cryonics vendors already exist and have a price tag on the process itself as... »
Ask an Attorney FAQ: Student Loans: Until Death Do Us Part?
As published in Alison's monthly Ask An Attorney column in New York Parentingby Alison Arden Besunder, Esq.  Q: I have a lot of student loans that I am still paying off after 20 years. My spouse guaranteed a student loan of her niece. What happens if either of us dies? Will my estate be required... »
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