Video: What Estate Planning Issues Arise in Second Marriage Scenarios?
Estate planning takes a whole different twist when there is a second marriage, particularly if there are children of a previous marriage involved, and even more so if there are children from the second marriage as... »
More Millennials are Requesting Prenups
Prenuptial agreements are smart at any age, and millennials are proving to be savvy. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recently announced that prenuptial agreements are on the rise, particularly among millennials. The underlying reason? People are getting married later, meaning they are entering into the marriage with more... »
Nick Loeb Suing Sofia Vergara On Behalf of Frozen Embryos "Emma" and "Isabella"
In early 2013, actress Sofia Vergara and then-fiance Nick Loeb had two of her eggs fertilized by his sperm and then frozen. After an acrimonious split in late 2013, Loeb initially filed a lawsuit in the state of California to preserve the embryos, later amending his complaint to sue... »
Custody of Pets: What Does the Law Say?
In a country where two-thirds of households own a pet and two out of five marriages fail,  who gets custody of a shared pet is a common issue. Surprisingly, the law has very little to say on the matter.  Legally, pets are viewed as property, despite the fact they don't really... »
Should We Be Friends? Social Media in Law
It wasn’t so long ago that Facebook, Instagram, and social media lay far, far in the future.  In terms of civil procedure, such things were – and to a certain extent, still are – light years away.  When someone becomes a defendant in a lawsuit, be it a matrimonial... »
Ex-spouse Removed as Beneficiary under New York State Law
In more news on life insurance beneficiaries .... New York state law provides that a divorce automatically revokes a beneficiary designation to a spouse unless the divorce decree clearly states otherwise.  In Estate of Sugg, the decedent died in 2013 leaving a will that named his sister Janet as... »
Handwritten Note Insufficient to Effectuate Beneficiary Change
After his divorce 17 years ago, Jon bought a $100,000 insurance policy to fulfill his obligations under the divorce settlement to secure his child support obligations for his daughter Nikki.  He named his sister Joetta as beneficiary, and the policy application stated that he was "[n]aming sister as beneficiary so ex-wife can't... »
NYC Judge Allows Divorce Papers to Be Served via Facebook
Serving your divorce papers via Facebook... Classy? Perhaps not, but wait for the facts before passing judgment.  Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper recently ruled that Brooklyn resident Ellanora Baidoo could serve her estranged husband divorce papers on Facebook, only because that's the only place she could find him. After failed... »