Meditation: The Best Way to Restore Digital Balance
Despite being more connected than ever, study after study reveals that today's digital world is making people more unhappy than ever. Being bombarded 24/7 by drama-chasing news outlets and social posts that all but prove your life is way more boring than everybody else's are making people stressed out... »
The Best Medical Alert Systems for Caregivers
A full review of the top medical alert companies, plus a guide to choosing the best system, brought to you by the Staff Writers at   According to the CDC, one out of every four older adults fall every year, and 20% of those falls are serious, resulting in a broken bone, head trauma... »
Our Broken Healthcare System and What You Can Do Now
Americans spend more than $3 trillion a year on health care, which makes up 20% of our economy. In contrast, most countries' health care represents closer to 10% of their GDP. This makes rapid reform impossible without a shock to our economy and job market, yet the system as... »