More Millennials are Requesting Prenups
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rings-2634929_640Prenuptial agreements are smart at any age, and millennials are proving to be savvy. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recently announced that prenuptial agreements are on the rise, particularly among millennials. The underlying reason? People are getting married later, meaning they are entering into the marriage with more possessions.

When it comes down to it, marriage is a legal and financial contract, and one should enter into it with the same thoroughness that is advised for any other business deal. 

The highest ranking items covered by marriage contracts were:

  1. Protection of separate property    78%
  2. Alimony/spousal maintenance      74%
  3. Division of property                        68%
  4. Protection of the increase of value of separate property  64%
  5. Inheritance rights  42%
  6. Community property division   24%
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