Casey Kasem's Disappearance Begs the Question: Should a Medical Representative's Authority Be Limited?
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Hours after Kerri Kasem and her sister Julie visited their father, legendary Top-40 DJ Casey Kasem, in his assisted living home, his wife Jean removed him from the facility and took him to an undisclosed location. This is another chapter in an ongoing dispute between Kasem's children and his wife, who refuses to let them visit their father. Which begs the question--how much authority should a Medical Representative have? Jean is the named medical representative in Casey Kasem's advance directive, and as such, under current law, may move him wherever she pleases. Critics contend that new laws should be passed prohibiting representatives from moving people across state--or national--lines, while others argue that may have adverse repercussions. If law prohibits removal from a facility or restricts transport across state lines, the Representative may not be able to properly carry out their client's wishes. Out-of-state family (if they were the ones named as Representatives) would not be able to move their loved ones closer to them so they can accompany them and care for them in their last days. As always, the more specific and explicit language you can put in your advance directive, the better, however we can't account for every unforeseen circumstance. What do you think? [polldaddy poll=8050810]  
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