Why Waste Away? Margaritaville Retirement Homes Are Coming!
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With the boomer population coming of (retirement) age, entrepreneurs have put some real thought into how they can capitalize off of this enormous slice of society that wields substantial financial power. One trend--more and more alternative living scenarios are emerging that make the retirement years more enjoyable, from activity-focused senior living communities to luxury accommodations on Billionaire's row to... bars?

Singer, songwriter, and businessman Jimmy Buffett has partnered with Minto Communities to bring his "island escapism" world view to retirement communities, with the first one--Latitude Margaritaville--slated to open in Daytona, Florida in late 2018. The 7,000 home, $1 billion project will offer individual homes, along with beachfront access, live entertainment, lap pools, spas, and (we're guessing) frozen drinks, to those "55 and better." Entry level pricing is $200,000. 

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