Meditation: The Best Way to Restore Digital Balance
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Despite being more connected than ever, study after study reveals that today's digital world is making people more unhappy than ever. Being bombarded 24/7 by drama-chasing news outlets and social posts that all but prove your life is way more boring than everybody else's are making people stressed out and harried, yet digital addiction abounds. People are even downloading app blockers and screen-time monitors to help them regulate their use.

Technology journalist Farhad Manjoo is obsessed with how the digital experience scrambles the way we make sense of the real world. His answer: daily meditation. Mindfulness has been demonstrated to have both physical and mental benefits, but for the 21st century human being, focusing for more than a nanosecond can feel extremely painful. Manjoo felt this pain all too keenly, until he forced meditation into his daily routine and, in short order, reaped the benefits. He noticed his reaction toward provocative posts dwindle as calmness settled in.

Are you aching for tranquility? Here are 5 ways to get started on your mindfulness journey:

    1. Set a specific time each day in order to establish a routine.
    2. Start slowly--even just a few minutes a day makes a difference.
    3. Don't try to completely block out thoughts--it will only discourage you. Acknowledge them and gently return your focus to the present. 
    4. Focus your attention on your breath. 
    5. Feel your body.

The ironic part: technology is a great way to stream guided meditations. Here are some tracks you can download, or just browse YouTube. You'll find meditations designed for almost any ailment, from insomnia to depression, overeating to chronic pain.

Source: The New York Times

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