Learn About Estate Planning While You Binge Watch This Winter
Poor estate planning is responsible for its fair share of family drama, so it's not surprising that Hollywood has glommed on to it in their pursuit of the next blockbuster. Here are six TV series and movies that illustrate quite clearly (in case we haven't been successful in doing... »
The Emoji: Just Another Form of Overstated Communication?
Unicode Consortium, inventors of the ubiquitous emoji, have announced the most popular one of late: the crying with laughter face. Runners up: the single heart and the happy face with hearts in its eyes. That’s great news, right? It means love and laughter prevail over expletives and a pile... »
What Constitutes a Valid E-Will?
In order for a will to be valid, it needs to be in writing, be signed by the testator, and be witnessed by at least two people. (Having it notarized is strongly advised.) Up until recently, however, no matter how a will was drawn up, it needed to be... »
Are You Leaving a Legacy of Hate?
As a parent, you want your children to get along. Ideally be close. You want them to be able to rely on and support each other. This doesn't always happen in the childhood years, but more often than not, sibling rivalry and conflict dissipates after kids leave home, and... »
Meditation: The Best Way to Restore Digital Balance
Despite being more connected than ever, study after study reveals that today's digital world is making people more unhappy than ever. Being bombarded 24/7 by drama-chasing news outlets and social posts that all but prove your life is way more boring than everybody else's are making people stressed out... »
Male Strippers Serve Dinner to Nursing Home Residents
In the past several years we've seen some progressive programs develop to battle the doldrums of our older generation, for example the Grandma's Spare Room scheme that connects NYU students with older people that have extra space, or nursing homes in the Netherlands that are offering student housing to infuse youth.... »
Have Scientists Discovered the Fountain of Youth?
Is aging inevitable? Geneticist David Sinclair and longevity doctor Peter Attia don't think so... or at least they think it can be slowed down considerably via biology and technology.  Putting a molecule called NMN into these mice's water essentially reversed the aging process in about a week. Their muscles got... »
Video: How Do I Account for Digital Assets in My Will?
One way to think about digital assets is digital access after you've died or if you're incapacitated. Each platform has its own protocol, and there is now a New York provision that dictates how and when executors can get... »
Savvy Ladies Benefit Gala, November 21 at the Princeton Club
I am proud to be a Patron and member of the Gala Committee for Savvy Ladies Annual Benefit Gala on November 21st at the Princeton Club in New York.  Savvy Ladies is a NYC-based nonprofit that addresses women's financial instability by providing free financial literacy resources, services, and coaching. To... »
Seniors Take to the Stage in Lenox Hill
If you think the competition wasn't fierce for a musical performed entirely by Lenox Hill seniors, think again. "Into the Woods" was the pilot production for Lenox Hill Neighborhood House and licensing agency Music Theatre International, and required their 60+-year-old cast to audition, attend callbacks, and rehearse for three... »
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