Meditation: The Best Way to Restore Digital Balance
Despite being more connected than ever, study after study reveals that today's digital world is making people more unhappy than ever. Being bombarded 24/7 by drama-chasing news outlets and social posts that all but prove your life is way more boring than everybody else's are making people stressed out... »
Male Strippers Serve Dinner to Nursing Home Residents
In the past several years we've seen some progressive programs develop to battle the doldrums of our older generation, for example the Grandma's Spare Room scheme that connects NYU students with older people that have extra space, or nursing homes in the Netherlands that are offering student housing to infuse youth.... »
Have Scientists Discovered the Fountain of Youth?
Is aging inevitable? Geneticist David Sinclair and longevity doctor Peter Attia don't think so... or at least they think it can be slowed down considerably via biology and technology.  Putting a molecule called NMN into these mice's water essentially reversed the aging process in about a week. Their muscles got... »
Video: How Do I Account for Digital Assets in My Will?
One way to think about digital assets is digital access after you've died or if you're incapacitated. Each platform has its own protocol, and there is now a New York provision that dictates how and when executors can get... »
Savvy Ladies Benefit Gala, November 21 at the Princeton Club
I am proud to be a Patron and member of the Gala Committee for Savvy Ladies Annual Benefit Gala on November 21st at the Princeton Club in New York.  Savvy Ladies is a NYC-based nonprofit that addresses women's financial instability by providing free financial literacy resources, services, and coaching. To... »
Seniors Take to the Stage in Lenox Hill
If you think the competition wasn't fierce for a musical performed entirely by Lenox Hill seniors, think again. "Into the Woods" was the pilot production for Lenox Hill Neighborhood House and licensing agency Music Theatre International, and required their 60+-year-old cast to audition, attend callbacks, and rehearse for three... »
How Much is Gloria Vanderbilt's Estate Really Worth?
Shortly after Gloria Vanderbilt's death in June, news sources speculated her net worth to be around $200 million, but the "massive fortune" turned out to be a fraction of that. Vanderbilt's will stated that her son from her second marriage, Stan Stokowski, would inherit her co-op in Manhattan, valued... »
Is "Old People Smell" a Thing?
Have you ever noticed a unique odor when you're in an elderly person's home--or even in their company? Not unpleasant, just distinctive. Like "baby smell," only different. As it turns out, not only are scientists divided on the subject, so are people, with many calling the concept ageist.  Columnist Ann... »
Infographic: 2019 Survey Shows Only 4 in 10 Americans Have a Will
Some may avoid end-of-life planning due to fear of death, but for the majority of Americans, it's pure, old-fashioned procrastination, like failing to floss. Well-put by estate planning attorney Michael Hackard, “Most Americans will admit that fast food is bad for your health, but according to the Centers for... »
Video: How Should We Store and Locate Our Documents?
Your documents are no good if your beneficiaries can't find them. It's important that you leave behind instructions for your fiduciary to find your documents, and advisable to keep one set with your... »
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