Why Couples Over 50 are Choosing Shacking Up Over Marriage
Over the past decade, the number of people over 50 who choose to live together but not get married increased 75%, and represented the highest increase in any age group. For people over 65, that number doubled. Coined "A Gray Revolution in Living Arrangements" by a representative from the... »
Aretha Franklin - $80 Million Estate, No Will
The Queen of Soul and Prince will be singing the tunes of intestacy in the great Carnegie Hall in the sky. Both died without a will, leaving their families to contend with lengthy court proceedings. According to Don Wilson, Franklin's attorney for the past 28 years, it didn't seem... »
Are You Part of the Statistic? Only 4 in 10 Americans Have Wills
Only 42% of American adults have wills and/or living trusts and, scarily, in the demographic with children under the age of 18, the number drops even lower, to 36%. The most common excuse for not having a will? "I haven't gotten around to it." Unfortunately, estate planning isn't like a... »
More Millennials are Requesting Prenups
Prenuptial agreements are smart at any age, and millennials are proving to be savvy. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recently announced that prenuptial agreements are on the rise, particularly among millennials. The underlying reason? People are getting married later, meaning they are entering into the marriage with more... »
The $1 Million Dog: Companion Pets You Don't Have to Feed or Walk
Giving someone--anyone--a pet as a surprise gift is just a bad idea all around. Even if they desperately want companionship, the burden of training, feeding, walking and seeking medical care for a pet is cumbersome--and even more so for aging people who face challenges taking care of themselves, let alone... »
Anthony Bourdain's Will - Is There Also a Trust?
Anthony Bourdain's will debunked initial guesstimates that he was worth $16 million--or did it? The assets named in his will put his estate, which he left primarily to his 11-year-old daughter Ariane, at $1.2 million. That breaks down to $425,000 in savings, $35,000 in brokerage money, $250,000 in personal property, and... »
The Last Undeveloped Sliver Of Brooklyn Bridge Park
Situated just under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO, the last undeveloped bit of Brooklyn Bridge Park remains surrounded by fences, waiting for a plan. In a recent community meeting, residents recommended commemorating Emily Roebling in that last sliver of land.  If you read our article Overlooked: The New York Times Features... »
Why the Winning Entry for Tokyo's Vertical Cemetery May Not Be a Great Idea
  The rapid decrease of burial space in Tokyo sparked an architectural competition to design a vertical cemetery. Arch Out Loud, the research initiative that issued the challenge, fielded 460 proposals from 54 countries and 6 continents. Architects and designers were asked to incorporate Japan's cultural identity relating to death, as... »
John McCain: Planning His Own Funeral
It is not so common to have the knowledge that you are going to die along with the presence of mind and the physical strength to direct what will happen in your last days. John McCain has all three, and where he's directing his energy is inspiring. He has chosen... »
Heart Attack Drives Air Force Colonel to Find Birth Mother
Bruce Hollywood, a Colonel in the United State Air Force, was adopted by an American couple in 1960. Until his heart attack in 2005, he never thought much about his birth parents, but his near-death experience sparked a pang of regret that he had never pursued any information about... »
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