Intellectual Property

You’ve worked hard to build your business, your brand, and your product or service. You’ve invested time, money, and effort into building a brand and marketing that brand to your target customer. The intellectual property of your business is a valuable asset. You need to protect that asset and prevent competitors from appropriating your goodwill to unfairly compete with you and your product or services. In order to do that, you need to register your trademark or copyright, and enforce it where necessary against potential or actual infringers.

ARDEN BESUNDER P.C. counsels clients on identifying the key brands to develop a trademark portfolio and assist them with obtaining, and maintaining, registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Alison works with clients in many industries including retail, luxury, fashion, consumer products, entertainment, fine arts, and restaurant/hospitality to develop their brand or mark as a trademark, enforcement strategies and trademark and copyright portfolios.

The intellectual property practice helps small to medium-sized businesses protect its most valuable intellectual property by filing and prosecuting registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) and United States Copyright Office. Where necessary, we help clients enforce their intellectual property rights against infringers and counterfeiters who are violating those rights. 

Whether you are a small start-up company looking to preserve your trade name, or an established business looking to streamline and build on their existing portfolio, we can help with trademark and copyright applications, United States Patent and Trademark Office and Copyright Office matters, responses to Office Actions, litigation trademark infringement disputes and oppositions or cancellations to a mark before the USPTO, and anti-counterfeiting litigation. 

IP Litigation

We represent clients in litigation in state and federal court arising out of claims of trademark and copyright infringement, both on behalf of and against trademark or copyright holders.

Among the notable matters handled by Alison Arden Besunder in the intellectual property field are:

  • Successfully led high-end luxury fashion and retail trademark owners in the battle against counterfeiting, helping to achieve an important breakthrough in obtaining federal court injunctions against landlords of twenty-eight buildings on Canal Street in New York City. Alison’s work on behalf of Louis Vuitton led to a front page article in the January 31, 2006 edition of the Wall Street Journal, titled “Bagging Fakers and Sellers – Makers of Luxury Goods Try New Legal Tactics Against Those Who Aid Counterfeiters”
  • Negotiated and finalized licensing deal for a prominent local artist.
  • Obtained copyright registration and licensed rights for developer of forensic science educational materials.
  • Obtained trademark registration on the Principal Register for a Dominican Republic cosmetic product company.
  • Obtained trademark registration on the Principal Register for the trade name of a local manufacturer of fashion accessories.
  • Successfully mediated a dispute between a photographer and an album company regarding the use of the photographer’s images.
  • Assisted an inventor with contractual negotiations with a prototype manual.