Can Frequent Flyer Miles Be Inherited?
Can frequent flyer miles be inherited? The short answer is, potentially. The fine print in most membership guides stipulates that transfers are not allowed under any circumstances, but attorneys like Robert K. Kirkland argue that digital assets such as frequent flyer miles and hotel points are "definitely an item... »
What Happens to Your Digital Life When You Die?
It used to be our life's memorabilia was boxed up and passed on, with instructions left in wills. Today, there is a wealth of online property, and laws and policies are catching up to make provisions for what happens when the owner dies. For example, 30 million Facebook accounts belong to... »
Planning for Digital Assets--Does Anybody Know Your Passwords?
On any given day, you likely log on to more than a dozen internet sites, each of which require a username and password that only you know.  When you are incapacitated or die, all that password protection safety can create practical difficulties.  It is likely your estate will include... »