Talking With Your Parents About the Future
If your parents either have not made plans for their future, including health provisions, asset protection, and living arrangements, or they have not informed the family of their plans, this holiday season is a good opportunity to have that talk. One conversation opener is to lead by example--in other... »
Online Tools that Help You Save More, Not Spend More
Between apps and social media braggarts, there is a constant lure to buy, buy, buy. But you don't see too many Facebook and Instagram posts about saving money. Fortunately, some financial investment firms are putting out some positive reinforcement tools that can tempt us into saving, not spending. Putnam Investments... »
Don't Let the High Estate Tax Exemption Fool You. Planning is Still Vital!
With the federal estate tax exemption at a historical high of $5.34 million per person and counting, it is easy to be lulled into a false sense that estate planning is not necessary. From a non-tax perspective, it remains crucial because: Planning ensures that your assets pass to your intended... »