Infographic: 2019 Survey Shows Only 4 in 10 Americans Have a Will
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Some may avoid end-of-life planning due to fear of death, but for the majority of Americans, it's pure, old-fashioned procrastination, like failing to floss. Well-put by estate planning attorney Michael Hackard, “Most Americans will admit that fast food is bad for your health, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 36 percent eat fast food on any given day. People also know that flossing is key to keeping our teeth and gums strong, but only a third of us actually floss daily. In a like manner, while few would deny the importance of a will or trust, it’s not on most people’s to-do list for the week.”

Are you a procrastinator? You're not alone. In the 35-54 age range more than 60% of people don't have wills. But knowing you're in the majority isn't going to make anything better for your loved ones if the irreversible inevitability happens to you without one. This infographic from shows the scary statistics of estate planning--or lack thereof--in 2019. 

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