Leaving it All to the Birds--New York Millionaire Wills $100,000 to 32 Cockatiels
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You made your money, you should be able to decide where it goes. And so believed Leslie Ann Mandel, a Manhattan entrepreneur and millionaire who willed $100,000 to her 32 Cockatiels, dog, and cat. The animals were named individually in her will, and her instructions were specific: “It is my wish that the birds be fed and the building cleaned each Monday and Thursday and their food shall be purchased from Avi-Cakes, carrots, water and popcorn.”

While bird care stipulations were quite clear, who stands to inherit the remainder of her $5.3 million estate is in dispute. Mandel's 2005 will left everything to her stepson, Matthew Herzog, yet in 2006 she crossed out Herzog's name with a pen and wrote in her sister Avis Mandel. While the sister's attorney says the marked-up will is invalid, he believes that she and her sister Tracy stand to inherit the money anyway as her only living relatives. 

I know, I know. What you really want is the names of the cockatiels. Here you go: Wheetie, Port, Blackie, Zippy, Tara, Zara, Shasha, Pigeon, Victory, Alie, Zack 12, Dart, Cubby, Max, Baby, Ruthie, Pumpkin, Tattoo, Susie, Tracy, Margie, Sammy, Angel, Inky, Sara, Tundra, Tanteleah, Eva, Cody, Nicki, Avis and Dragon. And don't forget Kiki the cat and Frosty the dog. 

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