Online Tools that Help You Save More, Not Spend More
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Between apps and social media braggarts, there is a constant lure to buy, buy, buy. But you don't see too many Facebook and Instagram posts about saving money. Fortunately, some financial investment firms are putting out some positive reinforcement tools that can tempt us into saving, not spending. Putnam Investments recently added a feature to their online account statements that gives account holders incentive to save with a good hard look in the mirror. The new tool shows how your savings measure up against other Putnam account holders that are your gender and in your age and income range. Then it shows you how putting a little more away from each paycheck will pay off over time. And this is the great part--it's called Joneses Tool. To help you keep up with those proverbial Joneses. ING Compare Me from Voya Financial allows users to enter information and see how their spending compares to others. And their home-page graphic of the Great Dane and Chihuahua is reason enough to visit their site. Sure, Putnam and Voya have selfish reasons for wanting people to set aside more money, but in this scenario when they win, you win. And since peer pressure seems to work so well for consumption, why not try it for savings? Well, guess what? It's working. In a sample of 10,000 users of Putnam's tool, 32% used the social comparison slider, and among those there was a 28% average increase in their set-aside, to 9.6 percent of the paycheck from 7.5 percent. Source: New York Times

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