Your Cremated Remains Can Be Pressed Into a Vinyl Record
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You may be surprised to learn the variety of different things you can do with your cremated remains these days. For example, you can be crushed into a gemstone, stuffed into fireworks, fired into hand-blown glass, painted into a work of art, put into an hourglass, or sewn into a teddy bear. And now, vinaly, you can be pressed into a vinyl record. 

With more than a little spooky sense of humor, the UK-based company Vinaly presses cremains into a vinyl album with 24 minutes of audio provided by you, which can either be your voice, licensed music, or just the crackle and pop of the classic LP. "R.I.V." cover art with  your date of birth and date of death is the standard record sleeve, but if you want personalized cover art, James Hague will paint your portrait with acrylic and ash on canvas for £3500 per painting and an additional £300 sitting fee. 

Pricing is £3000 for the standard package. Add-ons like extra playing time, "bespook" music written especially for you, and themed sonic templates are available. The company also offers grim-reaper paraphernalia like t-shirts and posters, but the simple skull-and-crossbones shirt is currently "souled out." 

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