5 Roles of Life Insurance You May Not Have Considered
Life insurance can serve different purposes for different people. Sure, number one--providing for your loved ones--is pretty straightforward. But there are other roles life insurance plays and reasons why avoiding it can cause confusion and even lawsuits. Here are five benefits of life insurance: 1. To provide your loved ones with immediate liquidity... »
How to Write a Sympathy Note
Many people get caught up writing sympathy notes, thinking they need to say something profound and not coming up with anything. This often results in procrastination, which leads to not sending a sympathy note at all, which is one of the worst things you can do.  Amy Cunningham, who also... »
The Hard Talk: End-of-Life Arrangements for a Loved One
A special thanks to our guest blogger, Beverly Nelson. With more people becoming caregivers for aging family every day, Beverly aims to provide as many resources as possible to help caregivers access the support they need.  ____________________________________________________________________________________ We often find in this life the most important things are sometimes the... »
Personal Accounts of Near-Death Experiences
While upbringing often dictates one’s thoughts and beliefs about what happens after death, personal experiences will alter that perspective in a heartbeat (or lack of one.) Here are six personal accounts of near-death experiences. “I've died twice, medically speaking. The first time was due to a motorcycle accident. When I... »
The Rise of the Death Cafe
Tea. Cake. Death. Not exactly your everyday trio. Yet Death Cafes are on the rise. Started in Switzerland in 2004 by sociologist and anthropologist Bernard Crettaz, the objective of Death Cafes is to increase the awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their... »
5 Off-the-Wall Last Requests
Although not always enforceable, you can put pretty much anything into your last will and testament--and these people did. Here are 5 off-the-wall last requests.  Jeremy Bentham died in 1832, and upon his direction his head and skeleton were preserved and dressed in a suit. His body has been on display... »
Startup Harvests Teenage Blood
You may think this is a Halloween hoax. Think again. Ambrosia is a Monterey, California startup company that is selling plasma transfusions harvested from teenagers at $8,000 a pop. A 2014 Harvard University study that demonstrated young blood renews old mice seems to have spearheaded the latest in what has become,... »
Aretha Franklin - $80 Million Estate, No Will
The Queen of Soul and Prince will be singing the tunes of intestacy in the great Carnegie Hall in the sky. Both died without a will, leaving their families to contend with lengthy court proceedings. According to Don Wilson, Franklin's attorney for the past 28 years, it didn't seem... »
Anthony Bourdain's Will - Is There Also a Trust?
Anthony Bourdain's will debunked initial guesstimates that he was worth $16 million--or did it? The assets named in his will put his estate, which he left primarily to his 11-year-old daughter Ariane, at $1.2 million. That breaks down to $425,000 in savings, $35,000 in brokerage money, $250,000 in personal property, and... »
Why the Winning Entry for Tokyo's Vertical Cemetery May Not Be a Great Idea
  The rapid decrease of burial space in Tokyo sparked an architectural competition to design a vertical cemetery. Arch Out Loud, the research initiative that issued the challenge, fielded 460 proposals from 54 countries and 6 continents. Architects and designers were asked to incorporate Japan's cultural identity relating to death, as... »
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