Now is an Ideal Time to Add a GRAT to Your Estate Plan
By Christopher Canfield, Of Counsel, Goetz Fitzpatrick Trusts & Estates Group Do you want to reduce estate and gift taxes for your beneficiaries? With interest rates close to zero and potentially depressed asset valuations, conditions are ideal for adding a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) to your estate planning portfolio.... »
Making End of Life Decisions While Living Under Threat of COVID-19
This is a guest blog post by Judith Schwarz, PhD, RN, and the Clinical Director of the not-for-profit organization End of Life Choices New York. We recently heard from an emergency room physician who works in a New York hospital and she had some important advice she asked us to... »
Video: How Do I Account for Digital Assets in My Will?
One way to think about digital assets is digital access after you've died or if you're incapacitated. Each platform has its own protocol, and there is now a New York provision that dictates how and when executors can get... »
6 Tips for Wellness in the New Year
It’s 2019, and with a new year comes the age-old New Year’s resolution to lose weight. It’s why you may have noticed that your gym is unusually packed and you can’t get a spot in that yoga class. Don’t worry, it will ease up by February! I, too, have a... »
Are You Part of the Statistic? Only 4 in 10 Americans Have Wills
Only 42% of American adults have wills and/or living trusts and, scarily, in the demographic with children under the age of 18, the number drops even lower, to 36%. The most common excuse for not having a will? "I haven't gotten around to it." Unfortunately, estate planning isn't like a... »
Marketing a Cemetery
If you think competition is fierce to get into a cemetery in New York City, you'd be right. Considering we have a tough enough time finding space in this city while we're living, the oodles of dead from centuries past need a place to lay their heads too, and... »
A Different Kind of Time Traveling: Send Messages to Relatives 100 Years in the Future
It is only recently that we have been confronted with planning our digital afterlives, yet as technology advances at an alarming speed, there seems to be more and more to plan for. Services like IfIDie have emerged, sending passwords, notes, and even automatic Facebook posts in the event of... »
“Songs About Us”: A Teaching Tool for Young Adults with Special Needs
Muzic School is a new record label dedicated to empowering children with Autism and special needs through the concept of Edutainment. Their first album, Songs About Us, is a compilation of social stories set to song. Commonly practiced ideas, lessons, tasks and goals are communicated to developmentally delayed young... »