Had It With Your Profession? Find Out What the Polar Opposite Would Be With This Generator
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It's a Friday, everybody's just back from summer vacation, you're feeling buried in demands, and the weekend can't come quickly enough--that is, if you don't have to work through it. Sound familiar? Sometimes we can't help thinking "if only" we'd gone into another profession. One that wasn't wrought with the stresses that ours presents.

Turns out, the Labor Department has put all of its detailed data on skills and tasks required for each profession to an interesting use: an "opposite job" generator. Are you a physicist? Your opposite job is a kindergarten teacher. Are you a writer? Your opposite job is a mobile home installer. Are you an architect? Your opposite job is a meat packer.

Basically, the generator has built a matrix that takes into account physical job demands like strength and movement, as well as cognitive skills such as accounting and grammar, and then gives you the complete opposite. 

What's your opposite job? Find out here >>

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