Love and Office - Valentine's Day + President's Day
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Since Valentine’s Day and President’s Day coincide, here are some romantic facts about our forefathers:
  •  In 1842, Lincoln married Mary Todd, a woman who was to make his domestic life “a burning, scorching hell” as “terrible as death and as gloomy as the grave.”  And he was seriously courting two women before her – Mary Owens (who had no teeth) and Anne Rutledge, who died of typhoid fever before she could aspire to be the First Lady.
  • George Washington was a woe-begone young lover who confided his amorous feelings to poetry.  He was pining after attractive young ladies as early as 16 years of age and waxed eloquently about love well into his 60’s. As a schoolboy he is reported to have been caught one day “romping with one of the largest girls.”  Yet by 1759 he was ready to settle down with Mrs. Martha (Dandridge) Custis, the widow of one of the wealthiest planters in the colony. They were married 9 months after they met!
  • The President with the most controversial love life is perhaps Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was so amorous he had not one but two families, and his long-term relationship with Sally Hemings and the children he bore her are well-known, although disputed by the children of Jefferson's marriage.
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