Spring Cleaning
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Planning for bad situations can be, well, pretty depressing. Part of my philosophy is to plan well so that you can enjoy life. Here are some springtime tips and apps to get you prepared for the summer and easy living! Homejoy: Find a maid in your location and based on your cleaning needs for only $20 / hour. Justdeleteme.com: Clean up your unwanted e-newsletters from this collection of "unsubscribe me" links. Clean your closet: Vacuum seal the winter clothes, break out the spring and summer clothes, and throw out anything that's old, too small or too big, torn or stained. No app needed. But if you want one, check out "Closet". It helps you sort your clothes and put together outfits, removing the thought process from a groggy morning! Now go outstide and check out the cherry blossoms!
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