NYC Judge Allows Divorce Papers to Be Served via Facebook
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divorceServing your divorce papers via Facebook... Classy? Perhaps not, but wait for the facts before passing judgment. 

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper recently ruled that Brooklyn resident Ellanora Baidoo could serve her estranged husband divorce papers on Facebook, only because that's the only place she could find him. After failed attempts to discover Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku's whereabouts via email, a motor vehicle search, and a private detective, his wife appealed to the court to deliver papers via Facebook, which he had been proven to check regularly.

This isn't the first instance of a Facebook serving in the 5 boroughs, either. After trying traditional means to contact his ex-wife with notice that he no longer wanted to pay child support, Staten Island Support Magistrate Gregory Gliedman allowed Noel Biscocho to deliver the news via Facebook. 

In both cases, Facebook was only allowed because the recipients could not otherwise be found. While other states have not extended this leniency for interpreting the law, it is expected that we'll see more and more of this as social media becomes ever-increasingly entrenched in our lives. 

Source: Mashable

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