The Last Undeveloped Sliver Of Brooklyn Bridge Park
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Situated just under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO, the last undeveloped bit of Brooklyn Bridge Park remains surrounded by fences, waiting for a plan. In a recent community meeting, residents recommended commemorating Emily Roebling in that last sliver of land. 

If you read our article Overlooked: The New York Times Features Female Heroes Who Never Got Obituaries, you may remember that Emily Roebling was the woman responsible for seeing the Brooklyn Bridge to its completion after her husband, civil engineer John Roebling, took ill. You may also remember that she has received little credit over the years, and did not even get an obituary after her death.

Wouldn't dedicating this coveted piece of real estate be the perfect honor? Just steps from where the Roeblings lived on 110 Columbia Heights, a piece of park dedicated to the commitment of a nearly forgotten woman in history. 

Ideas from the community included replacing the official name of "Brooklyn Bridge Park Plaza" with Emily's Esplanade or Emily's Garden. A steel statue of Emily Roebling was proposed, as well as an ice rink, campfires, and heated outdoor areas, ice fishing, and sleigh rides. 

For the time being, however, the fenced-in site at 11 Water Street still has no plan. 

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