Americans' Thoughts on Death. What Happens, and Are You Prepared?
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When it comes to having a will, the fact remains that most Americans are unprepared for death. Yet many have thoughts on the subject, and they shared them in an April 2014 poll conducted by CBS. Read on, and weigh in with your own thoughts after!

  • 65% of American's think there is such a thing as "a good death."
  • 51% of American women think about their own deaths, compared to 38% of men.
  • 62% of the people who said they think about their own death a lot of the time still don't have wills.
  • 22% of Americans in the 18-49 year old range have wills.
  • 41% of people under the age of 35 have a medical directive, compared to 75% of Americans over 65.
  • 51% of American women and 44% of American men want to be cremated, Those who do not express a religious preference are more likely to want to be cremated.
  • Three out of four Americans believe in heaven or hell, and 66% believe in both.
  • Of those who believe in heaven and hell, 82% expect to end up in heaven
  • 63% of Americans say scientists should not focus on bringing extinct species back to life.

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