Brooklyn Exhibit Leaves Artist's Personal Possessions to Strangers
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levyart1The Swedish Death Cleaning method of decluttering suggests starting by giving your possessions away to loved ones. Brooklyn artist Lisa Levy is taking the idea a step further in her exhibit "You Can Get My Stuff When I’m Dead." Levy, 61, will display her personal possessions and welcome the public to ask for what they want--and why. 

Levy and her husband intend to revise her will to bequeath items including Levy's prom dress, a collection of gifts given to her by various suitors, and  the toilet she sat on as part of an art installation last year protesting pretentious BS in art, to total strangers. The objective? "Normalizing death in a society that is very uncomfortable with the concept."  

Levy points out that we're all going to die. Hopefully not tomorrow, but someday, so let's start the conversation


"You Can Get My Stuff When I’m Dead" runs from Nov. 3-26 at Art During the Occupation Gallery, 119 Ingraham St., Brooklyn. Gallery Hours: Friday and Saturday Noon-6:00 p.m., Sunday 1-5 p.m., and also by private appointment.

Source: Bushwick Daily

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