Nick Loeb Suing Sofia Vergara On Behalf of Frozen Embryos "Emma" and "Isabella"
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In early 2013, actress Sofia Vergara and then-fiance Nick Loeb had two of her eggs fertilized by his sperm and then frozen. After an acrimonious split in late 2013, Loeb initially filed a lawsuit in the state of California to preserve the embryos, later amending his complaint to sue for custody. Earlier this month, Loeb dropped the California lawsuit after the judge asked him to reveal the names of women he had impregnated who subsequently had abortions. But three years after the breakup this strange situation is far from being over. 

41-year-old Loeb has now filed a "right to live" lawsuit in Louisiana against 44-year-old Vigara on behalf of the embryos, reportedly named Emma and Isabella, contending that by not being born, they have been deprived of an inheritance from a trust that was created for them. Loeb allegedly wants custody of the embryos so that they can live and receive the trust. 

Supposedly there is a contract in place between the former couple stating that neither party could use the embryos without the other's consent, but Loeb's contention is that this did not factor in the couple's breakup. 

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