A Different Kind of Time Traveling: Send Messages to Relatives 100 Years in the Future
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It is only recently that we have been confronted with planning our digital afterlives, yet as technology advances at an alarming speed, there seems to be more and more to plan for. Services like IfIDie have emerged, sending passwords, notes, and even automatic Facebook posts in the event of your death. Family Picture Will is another new-age service which allows you to send a message, photo, video or text to family members that may not even exist yet using a unique family code.

Users can share memories as well as leave voice messages and wishes for generations to come. And, naturally, there's an app for that, available on both OS and Android platforms. We gave it a test drive and must admit that the interface is a little sparse right now, but these ideas are catching on, and if Family Picture Will doesn't build out their full capabilities, somebody else surely will. 

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